CottonCoverUp: Responding to a Nation’s Plea for Protection Against Covid19

CottonCoverUp: Responding to a Nation’s Plea for Protection Against Covid19

Four months ago no one knew about the novel coronavirus, or Covid-19. As of today, the virus has spread around the globe infecting 1,611,104 and killing 98,338.

In the U.S. alone, the virus has spread to all 50 states and its territories infecting 396,327, with numbers expected to rise. It has shattered economies, separated people from their workplaces and emptied public spaces– from malls, parks and sports arenas to schools. Sadly, we have witnessed over-stressed health-care systems as doctors and nurses on the front-line battle an invisible enemy.

As Covid-19 spread, we learned that PPE and masks for health-care workers and the public were in dire shortage, leaving many exposed and vulnerable to a deadly virus. And once public health experts like the CDC started to advocate that everyone wear protective face masks in public settings, it rapidly ignited grass roots efforts for DIY face masks while companies like AppleAB  and LVMH also began to produce PPE, such as masks, shields and hand sanitizer.

The Creation of

At state and local levels, small business also began lending a hand. In fact, it was against the backdrop of this national crisis that CottonCoverup was formed by small business owner Ryan Ninow as a response to the nation’s plea for more PPE.

Ninow, a wholesale fashion e-tailer based in California, says he couldn’t just stand by and watch the crisis unfold while thousands of people die.“ I’m a fashion designer and distributor, with access to manufacturers in the LA Fashion District,” said Ninow. “I know how to construct, how to design, and when we learned that cotton fabric was just as effective as surgical masks, I pulled the trigger to reallocate business resources to begin”

CottonCoverUp® Filter Pocket Face Masks are reusable and made with two layers of cotton poplin fabric to protect against airborne viruses. Each face mask comes with a replaceable filter and ear loops that adjust to adult and youth sizes. Offered in a variety of colors and patterns, new designs arrive weekly from the heart of the LA Fashion District. Filter refill packs are also offered and sold separately.

Ninow says new designs arrive weekly and his team is working around the clock to ensure everyone that needs a mask can have one at affordable pricing. His mission? Provide people with more security against Covid-19 and airborne viruses, and awaken hope to express our public self in new and creative ways.

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